What is didan ?

Healthy teeth, healthy life

Didan (tooth in Kurdish language) is a seasonal dental Magazine supported by Hawler Medical University’s College of Dentistry in Kurdistan region of Iraq. The idea of didan magazine was generated by Ranj Surme (now editor in chief of didan magazine) on September 2016, who was back then only a passionate third stage dental student. After working hard and laboring for building the project from scratch and getting approval from the deanery of HMU, one year later, the first issue was ready to be published, then released to the public on January 1st 2018. Didan magazine is a bilingual magazine in both Kurdish and English languages. The philosophy behind choosing those two languages is that Kurdish is aimed towards educating the public about the common dental procedures, most proper treatments for each of their complaints and leading them towards what is best for promoting their oral health. On the other hand, English language is the most preferred global language academically amongst the professors, dentists and dental students, that helps them communicate and exchange their experience, knowledge and latest advancements in the fields of dentistry. Our slogan “Healthy teeth, Healthy life” is the fire that keeps us motivated working day and night to stay professional and benefit everyone as much as possible. We want to teach our colleagues and younger generations about finding a way and being a part of promoting the health sector and most importantly dental education in Kurdistan and all over Iraq.